J is for Jotun

Your name is Thora. You are a Viking warrior. You are dead.


Thus begins Jotun, a beautifully hand drawn adventure game. Your task is to impress the gods in order to enter Valhalla. In order to do so, you must best them in combat. One problem with that plan: you are a normal sized (for a viking, anyway) human. The gods are huge. Monstrous. Gargantuan. Like, you’re-the-size-of-their-pinky-toe big.


Above is a screenshot of one of the gods you have to beat. That little speck of black on the floor? That’s you. If there’s one thing I can say about Jotun, it’s that the game does a great job of reinforcing how tiny and insignificant your human frame is in comparison to this realm of the gods you are wandering through. There are moments when the camera pans back and shows you the true scope of the world.


Seeing the vastness of the gods you are tasked with taking down makes defeating them all the more satisfying. The core of the game is broken down into two main segments: environments to explore, and boss fights against the gods. Of the two, I was more enamored with the boss fights. The exploration segments were fine, but not nearly as impressive as the combat (and puzzles within combat) against the gods. Each god has various attacks and tells, much like bosses in other action oriented games. As you deplete the health of each boss, the attacks become more complex and difficult to avoid. I died a lot while playing this game.

If you’re a sucker for really pretty games, definitely give this one a go. It’s got a unique, flowing art style that is difficult to represent in screenshots, so here’s the launch trailer.

Until next time!

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