N is for NightSky

Probably the best single word description of NightSky is ‘chill’. This is a perfect game to play if you want to just relax. The ambient sound, the color palette, and the bite-sized levels all contribute to a laid back feel.

You are a sphere, rolling from left to right. Some of the levels resemble platformers, tasking you with jumping over pits. Others have more of a puzzle aspect to them, activating blocks in the right order. You control the rotation of the sphere, and in some levels you also have the ability to speed up your rotation, or to add more stickiness, for lack of a better word. Activating sticky lets you have finer control for a couple of the more precise puzzles.

I’ll admit, this game is not for everyone. The puzzles are not very challenging, at least not in the initial version of the levels. There’s a sort of ‘master quest’ version that is a bit harder, but even those are not mind-bendingly difficult. This does got along with the chill nature of the game. It’s also not very long. I played it on PC a while back, and for my most recent playthrough used my 3DS. I completed all of the normal levels in around 2 hours, give or take.

NightSky is definitely worth playing. Pick it up on sale if you can, but give it a whirl when you’re itching for something chill.

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