U is for Undertale

Guys and gals and anyone else reading my blog, I’ve got to level with you. Undertale was not my jam. I did not enjoy it. Maybe I’m not the target audience, but I just don’t see the appeal.

Undertale is an RPG where you don’t actually have to fight any enemies. There are still ‘battle’ scenes, but you can negotiate or compliment the enemies until they like you enough to not fight you anymore. Or something like that. It’s not very well explained either in the mechanics or in the story. The battles weren’t engaging, and the puzzles were merely adequate. Basically, I was very meh about the whole experience.

Probably the most incriminating thing I can say about my time with Undertale is that I wasn’t ever excited to go back to it. Every time I played it I felt like I was just doing so because I had to for this review. If your tastes are similar to mine, give this one a pass.

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