Y is for You Have to Win the Game

A retro-inspired platformer, You Have to Win the Game is a clever little gem. It reminds me quite a bit of VVVVVV, minus the gravity switching. Tight platforming and a few puzzles round out the experience, and to top it all off, it’s free to play on Steam!

It’s not a very long game, and it’s definitely not for everyone, since it is a bit on the difficult side. Checkpoints are fairly generous in normal mode, but if you are looking for a real challenge (or you just want to torture yourself) there are two alternate modes that limit the number of times you can die. YOLO mode and Cat mode give you one and nine lives respectively to beat the game.

A short game calls for a short review. This game is definitely worth giving a try, especially since it’s free. I enjoyed it for the little gem that it is. It’s not something that I’m going to be able to sink hours and hours into, but it’s definitely an enjoyable diversion.

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