Z is for Ziggurat

Ziggurat is a rogue-like, dungeon crawling first person shooter with orcs and wizards. If that sounds kinda like everything but the kitchen sink, it kind of is. In this case, it’s not actually a bad thing. It all comes together and works pretty well. I will say right up front though, if you’re not a fan of any of those three genres, this game probably won’t do much for you.

While the story is a bit thin, it does enough to set up the premise. Basically, there’s a Ziggurat (go figure) full of trials that you need to clear, and very few make it out alive. You grab your magic wand and go for it. As you progress through the rooms and floors, you level up and unlock different perks.

This game also has a healthy sense of humor. For example, within the first five minutes of starting the game, I was attacked by angry carrots. As it’s a rogue-like, you will die a lot and each playthrough will be different. If you know you don’t like rogue-like games, this one won’t change your mind. However, if you’re on the fence, or if Ziggurat sounds intriguing, angry carrot says go for it!

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