M is for Match Land

This month I’m doing something a bit different for my review. Horizon Zero Dawn retained nearly all of my gaming attention (it’s really good, guys), so I’m going to review a couple of mobile games that I’ve been playing for a while: Match Land and ML: Cartoon Network!

Match Land is an adorable match three puzzle game with unlockable and upgradable heroes, flavored as an RPG-lite adventure. You battle baddies, collect resources to upgrade your shops, which earns you money that you can use to upgrade your heroes.

Certain hero types have different combat bonuses and special abilities. You can move tiles horizontally or vertically in the base game. In the Cartoon Network version, you have the additional ability to move tiles diagonally, which opens up more matching possibilities.

It is entirely possible to play these games for free. The late game does get a little bit grindy, but that’s to be expected to a point. I haven’t been bothered as much as some in the online community. At launch, once you three-starred all of the levels, there was nothing left to do but manage the inventory of your shops. Since then, an additional arena mode was added with extra rewards. Also, there’s a massive update to the original game scheduled for next month, adding a new zone, new heroes, and a whole new mirror dark-mode campaign.

The moral of the story is, if you’re a fan of match three puzzle games, or adorable things, or both, definitely give Match Land a go. And if you love Cartoon Network, download that version and start there. They’re both fun, and you can’t go wrong either way. I’m playing both and enjoying them both.

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