F is for Floor Kids

Floor Kids is what would happen if Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Dance Dance Revolution had a baby. There’s the colorful roster of characters and move combos of THPS, and the rhythm aspects and flavor of DDR. If you like either of those franchises, I’d definitely say give this one a try. If you like both, it’s a home run.

You start off with one character of your choice, and unlock subsequent characters by performing in different venues and scoring high enough to impress the audience and your new recruits. Each character has their own set of moves and available combos. The hand-drawn animations are super slick, and the transitions between dance moves are quite impressive.  Each venue is beautifully realized, and the crowd of NPCs cheering you on is varied, but also muted enough to keep the focus on you, the player.

Scribbles was my starting character, and she’s still my favorite.

Mechanically, there are four different types of dance moves, performed by a mix of button presses and joystick rotations. Button mashing works just fine to get you through the level with three stars, sometimes even four, but to truly shine and get five stars, you need to know your bboy or bgirl’s moves inside and out so that you can string them together in combos that net you bonus points.

Another factor that comes into play is that each character has different strengths and weaknesses in the categories of moves they can do. More points are awarded for sticking to your strengths, but it’s also important to keep your dance moves varied, or the crowd will get bored and you won’t score as highly.

The story, light and abstract as it is, is presented in stylish, comic book style pages as you dance in a new venue for the first time. It’s enough to give you the flavor of the world, and succinct enough to get you right back into the action.

For me, Floor Kids is a big thumbs up. I enjoy this game a lot, and it’s great for the pick up and play nature of the Switch as well. Floor Kids is available now on Steam and Nintendo Switch, and coming soon to PS4 and XBOX One.

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