S is for Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts defies genre conventions. It’s a bold and stylish arcade-ish rhythm game, with a surprisingly touching story. Nearly every scene is screenshot worthy, and the soundtrack is superb. The developers have described the game as a playable pop album, and that does seem like the most apt descriptor. If you’ve yet to play this game, track it down, and do so. It’s amazing.

Gameplay is relatively straightforward. You maneuver your character around and try to collect hearts for points. Later levels introduce button pressing, laser guns, and other layers of mechanical complexity, but it never gets overwhelming. There’s also a ranking system to encourage replayability, with bronze, silver, and gold ranks.

From start to finish, if you don’t try to gold rank every level, you can see the entire story in less than two hours. Acquiring gold rank in all the levels however will take much longer. Fortunately then, everything about the game is charming and entertaining.

I’ll keep this review short and sweet, just like the game. Sayonara Wild Hearts is a modern masterpiece, and contender for my favorite game that I’ve played so far in 2020.

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