N is for No Man’s Sky

I woke up next to a small ship on a strange planet with no prior memories. I found some rocks and plants to blow up with my mining laser and discovered that’s how I gather resources. In the distance I see movement. I got closer and examined them. I discovered a new planet, a new solar system and a new species of alien life. Then I gathered more resources and started over again.

The beginning of the game will be both the same and different for every person and every save file. Same situation, no memory, small ship, strange planet, but different details in each instance. Sometimes the sky might be blue, and other times pink or green. The grass might be purple, or red. The animals could be giraffe inspired, or little penguin-puffin hybrids.

No Man’s Sky is a very pretty game. There’s also a ton to do. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any of it is very engrossing. I’d heard about monoliths and searching for the center of the galaxy and such, but 10 hours into the game, and I barely found my first monolith. The ‘story’ of this game is super slow to develop and the stuff in between was kinda meh.

The Steam reviews are mixed, and I can definitely understand why. I think that there are definitely people who will enjoy this game immensely. I’m just not one of them. To be honest, I wish I liked it more than I did. If this sounds like your jam, go for it. If not, don’t feel bad about skipping it.

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